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International Halal Symposium

Kota Kinabalu Sabah


Special Announcement

The International Halal Symposium 2024 has shifted to a hybrid format.


Advancing Halal Science & Technology

Innovations, Challenges, & Opportunities


Conference Dates

20-22 August 2024


Conference Venue

The Magellan Sutera Resort


Call for Abstract


Halal Awareness Workshop

Special Announcement!

We’re thrilled to announce that the International Halal Symposium 2024 has shifted to a hybrid mode due to an overwhelming responses. This shift represents a significant evolution in how the symposium engages its audience and delivers its content. By incorporating both physical and digital components, the symposium aims to cater to a broader demographic and adapt to the changing landscape of global events. This hybrid model allows for greater accessibility, enabling participants from around the world to attend virtually while still providing the opportunity for in-person interaction and networking. Additionally, it signifies a commitment to innovation and staying abreast of technological advancements in order to enhance the overall experience for attendees.

How to participate?
Express your interest by commenting below or direct email us for more details at . Let’s come together to exchange ideas, foster collaboration, and unlock the full potential of Halal science and technology!
Save the Date: 20th – 22nd August 2024
Venue: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Join us on this enlightening journey towards a future where innovation meets tradition, and where Halal industries thrive on knowledge and collaboration!

Early bird

  • Non-presenter (participant)
    • Local – MYR 500
    • International USD 150
  • Presenter
    • Local (student) MYR 800
    • Local MYR 1000
    • International (student)  USD 300
    • International  USD 400


  • Non-presenter (participant)
    • Local – MYR 550
    • International USD 200
  • Presenter
    • Local (student) MYR 900
    • Local MYR 1200
    • International (student)  USD 350
    • International  USD 450

Virtual Mode

  • Non-presenter (participant)
    • Local – MYR 150
    • International USD 50
  • Presenter
    • Local (student) MYR 500
    • Local MYR 400
    • International (student) USD 120
    • International USD 150
Payment methods
Abstract Submission Deadline

1 May 2024
31 May 2024

30 June 2024

31 July 2024

Early Bird Deadline

31 May 2024
30 June 2024

It’s time you share
your research to the world!

Join us at the International Halal Symposium 2024, a groundbreaking platform bringing together experts, scholars, and industry leaders in the global Halal ecosystem.

This symposium aims to explore the latest advancements, challenges, and innovations in the Halal industry, addressing topics such as Halal certification, ethical practices, emerging markets, and technological developments. Submit your abstract to contribute to this dynamic exchange of ideas, shaping the future of Halal standards and practices worldwide.

You have the option to publish your articles.

Authors of certain papers may choose to have their work published in peer-reviewed journals.

Food Research – Scopus-Indexed Journal (Fee: USD250)
International Journal of Food – Non-Indexed Journal (No processing fee)
Journal of Halal Industry and Services – MyJurnal (Fee: USD45)

Submit Full Paper

International Halal Symposium 2024

The International Halal Symposium 2024 (IHS2024) stands as a pinnacle gathering, bringing together global leaders, industry experts, scholars, and stakeholders in the halal ecosystem. Scheduled to convene in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, this symposium aims to delve into the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities within the halal industry. With a focus on diverse sectors from food and pharmaceuticals to finance and beyond, the symposium serves as a platform for thought-provoking discussions, knowledge exchange, and networking. Anticipated highlights include discussions on emerging trends, technological innovations, regulatory frameworks, and market expansion strategies, fostering collaboration and innovation for the future growth and sustainability of the halal industry.

The International Halal Symposium 2024 (IHS2024) is being organized by Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Target Audience
  • Researchers
  • Lecturers
  • University Students
  • Food Industrial Players
  • Governmental Organization
  • Halal Science & Authentication
  • Halal Food Innovation
  • Food Safety & Quality
  • Nutrition & Health Halal
  • Logistics & Management
  • Halal Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical
  • Halal Policy
  • Consumer Trends & Preferences
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Halal Services

Why you should attend IHS2024?

Networking opportunities

Connect with industry leaders, scholars, researchers, and professionals passionate about Halal industry.

Explore New Horizon

Gain a comprehensive understanding of diverse perspectives, market insights, and regulatory landscapse in the Halal market.

Contribute to the Dialogue

Share your expertise, research findings, and experiences to shape the discourse on Halal practices and standards.

Stay updated with Emerging trends

Get firsthand access to the latest innovations, trends, and breakthroughs reshaping the Halal Industry.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu, often referred to as KK, is the vibrant capital of Malaysia’s Sabah state, situated on the northwest coast of Borneo. Embraced by the South China Sea and backed by lush rainforests, this coastal city serves as a gateway to Sabah’s natural wonders, including Mount Kinabalu, Southeast Asia’s tallest peak. Known for its bustling markets, delectable seafood, and a harmonious blend of cultures from Kadazan-Dusun to Chinese and Malay, Kota Kinabalu offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Its picturesque sunsets over the seafront, vibrant street life, and proximity to stunning islands like Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park make it a captivating destination for adventurers, nature lovers, and cultural enthusiasts alike.

Halal Future Prospect

The halal industry’s future shines brightly with a surge in consumer demand, expanding beyond food into diverse sectors like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and finance. Supported by government regulations, technological advancements ensuring supply chain integrity, and a growing global market, halal products are gaining traction. The industry’s alignment with health, sustainability, and ethical trends further propels its growth. As investments pour into research, digital platforms enable wider accessibility, and trade agreements open new horizons, the halal industry stands poised for substantial expansion and innovation, promising a dynamic and prosperous future.

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